Development of health and safety management systems

We can assess your company’s current system, identify gaps in comparison to legislative requirements and thereafter provide guidance on standards to ensure compliance. If there is no system in place, implementation of a new system and specifications can be developed.

Hazard identification and risk assessment

With our trained team, we can assist by identifying hazards and the risks associated with those hazards within your organisation. We will not stop there, we will advise what controls will be effective in reducing the risks to an acceptable level.

Development of safe operating procedures

Safe operating procedures are a very important aspect to all safety management systems. One of the main advantages of having these procedures is that all employees will be trained to work in a standardised, productive manner, with little risk or will be trained how to minimise the risk that is still prevalent after controls have been put in place. We can assist with the developing these safe operating procedures as well as the implementation of them.

Development of site specific health and safety plans

No job can be done properly and safely without it being planned properly. This is where Health and Safety plans come in. The plan is a document setting out how a company will be carrying out an activity on a project. Responsible parties, timeframes for certain tasks and relevant resources amongst others are components of a Health and Safety plan. We can draw up a company specific plan that ensures tasks are done without harm to any person, environment or damage to the environment.

Implementation of SHEQ management systems

It is a good thing to have a well-documented Health and Safety system but if it is not implemented, there is no added value to your organisation. We will assist with implementing the Health and Safety system to ensure a value adding experience that a Health and Safety management system offers.

Maintenance of SHEQ management systems

Once a Health and Safety management system is implemented, it needs to be maintained in order for it to add value continuously and sustainably. FSC can offer guidance on the maintenance of the system and where we identify a gap for improvement, we will advise accordingly.

Specialist training programs according to your requirements

An educated and trained employee is a safe employee. We will draw up a workplace skills plan based on the needs of your organisation to ensure that employees are skilled and trained in their respective roles. We will also assist by drawing up a training matrix based on the current skills you have in your organisation versus what is required by law and what is best required for the role.

Project Health and Safety files

In terms of OHS Act 85 of 1993, it is compulsory for any company that is performing construction work to have a project Health and Safety file on site. The file consists of Risk Assessments, Health and Safety plans, Legal Appointments among other aspects required for compliance. FSC has the necessary competency to draw up a Health and Safety file as well as get approval from any client that your company intends to do any work for. We also liaise on your behalf with any aspects regarding the Health and Safety file.

Incident investigations

Incident investigations are not only a legal requirement but they are also a very important tool for ensuring that incidents, losses, negative impacts on the business among others do not reoccur. Finding the root cause to an incident as well as implementing corrective actions to address these root causes so that incidents do not reoccur is of paramount importance to any investigation. We have a trained team that can lead an investigation or simply act on an advisory capacity to any investigation. We can also assist with following up on the effectiveness of the corrective actions taken to prevent re-occurrence.

Legal/ System compliance auditing

Once the Health and Safety system is implemented and maintained, it should be audited to verify if it still meets legal and system requirements. We have a team of qualified auditors that are conversant with legal as well as many different Health and Safety system requirements. We can audit your system and advise if it meets legal as well as a specific system’s requirement. If your system does not meet the legal / system requirements, we will offer support to get the system aligned to these requirements.

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